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Modern!AU R (jump in? :’D)

School was stupid. Class was stupid. People were stupid. /This/ was stupid.

R sat in the middle of a massive lecture hall over the history of western cultures, fighting a horrid hangover. He was not drunk enough for this shit, he told himself. He leaned his elbows against his desk, his head propped up with his hand. He was stared at the professor but didn’t listen. He was lucky he had his eyes open.

A moment later, people started packing their things away, getting up, and leaving the room. Thank God, class must have been over. Grantaire stuffed his blank notebook into his backpack and fought for the strength to stand up. He staggered to his feet with a heavy sigh. It was going to be a rough day if he didn’t get some sort of substance in his system.

((Joooiiiin meeeeee… I’ll give you… nothing… but a Grantaire? :’D -K))

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    There was something tense in Cosette’s expression. He knew it wasn’t /normal,/ but he didn’t think too much about it....